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The GLHC hosts conferences, conducts workshops, and spearheads regional initiatives. 


Spring Conference, Detroit, MI - May 23, 2017, check back for updated information.

  • Proposed location and date of GLHC's Spring Conference. Check back for updates!

Fall Conference, 128th Air Refueling Wing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 2016
  • Presentations on DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection Regional Enhancement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Power Outage Incident Response Planning by FEMA Region V, Pipeline Safety Regulations by PHMSA, Wisconsin Cybersecurity Efforts by the Wisconsin National Guard, and an afternoon workshop by MITRE Corporation.

Fall Conference, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois - November 2014
  • Presentations on Toledo Water Crisis by City of Toledo, Asian Carp Issue by Illinois Dept of Natural Resources, The Big Freeze/Impact of '13/'14 Winter on Milwaukee Water by Milwaukee Water Works and Jardine Water Purification Plant Tour by City of Chicago.

Summer Conference, Tower City, Cleveland, Ohio - June 2014
  • Presentations on Ohio Waterways Studies by Ohio Homeland Security, Nuclear Power Plant Security by FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company, Roles and Responsibilities by U.S. Coast Guard, Tall Ship Security by Pearsco Solutions, Great Lakes Commerce by Lake Carriers' Association and National Border Security by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Fall Conference, General Mitchell Air National Guard Base, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - November 2013
  • Presentations on Mid-Western Regional Threat Assessment by FBI, Port Security by U.S. Coast Guard, Intelligence Led Policing by Milwaukee Police, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity by Schneider National Inc, Resiliency in Action by Southeast Wisconsin Incident Management Team, Preparedness and Partnerships by Walgreens and Managing Critical Resources by Georgian Bay Forever.

Summer Conference, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan - June 2013
  • Presentations on Security Briefing by Ilitch Holdings, Cyber Security by State of Michigan, Beyond the Border by Transport Canada and U.S. Coast Guard, Detroit Water System Security by same, MI 2-1-1 by same, Pipe Bombs and such by FBI, Michigan Cyber Range by Merit and Severe Weather Preparedness by National Weather Service.


MITRE Workshop, 128th Air Refueling Wing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 2016
  • Assist stakeholders in assessing Regional Cyber Resilience. The ability of regional lifeline functions (water, power, transportation, healthcare, and communications) and core economic engines to deliver services is highly dependent on a complex mix of private and public Cyber/Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.  Both natural hazards and human threats pose risk to this Cyber/ICT infrastructure. MITRE Corporation will facilitate a session framed by the Regional Cyber Resilience Maturity Continuum in order to launch a dialogue about ensuring the resilience of the Cyber/ICT infrastructure supporting critical functions for the Great Lakes Region. 

Beyond the Border/Maritime Resilience Workshop, Detroit Public Safety Headquarters, Detroit, Michigan - August 2014
  • Developing recommendations on Engagement, Building a Foundation, Critical Information Requirements and Communication/Information Sharing through facilitation of breakout groups

Beyond the Border/Maritime Resilience Tabletop Exercise, Hilton, Chicago, Illinois - December 2014
  • Facilitation of a tabletop exercise with a focus on Governance, Critical Information Elements and Communication/Information Sharing components with participants working through the 39 recommendations

Improvised Nuclear Device Exercise - January 2013

  • The GLHC conducted a regional, virtual table-top exercise focusing on an Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) event.  The exercise included over 300 participants from over 125 different agencies.  Participants were from the private sector and local, state, and federal government across the Great Lakes region, including Canada.

Cross-Border Table-top Exercise with National Guard - 2011

  • The GLHC conducted a cross-border regional table-top exercise with the National Guard.  The After Action Report was presented at the December 2011 meeting. 

Beyond the Border Initiative

In late 2013, the GLHC became the lead organization in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard, Ninth District and Transport Canada to implement this bi-national initiative throughout the Great Lakes.  Through this two-year project, GLHC will establish new partnerships, create information sharing conduits and engage stakeholders in response and recovery for enhancing maritime commerce and security.  This collaborative maritime project started in the Seattle-Vancouver region and moved into the Great Lakes region and will eventually spring into the New England-Eastern Canada region. 

The Great Lakes Hazards Coalition (GLHC) is proud to announce its role to help facilitate a USA-Canada maritime commerce, resiliency and security initiative for the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway region, in partnership with Transport Canada and the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 2011, President Barack Obama, United States and Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Canada jointly announced a bi-national initiative for economic commerce and security called Beyond the Border.  The initiative focuses on:

  • addressing threats early;
  • promoting trade facilitation, economic growth, and jobs;
  • strengthening cross-border law enforcement; and
  • protecting shared critical infrastructure, including enhancing continental and global cyber security. 

The U.S. Coast Guard and Transport Canada, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) organization began the first phase in the greater Seattle-Vancouver bi-national area.  For the second phase in late 2013, both governmental organizations in partnership with Great Lakes Hazards Coalition will be working across the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway region.  The final phase will start later in the New England states and Eastern Canada region.

Through this initiative, GLHC, Transport Canada, and the U.S. Coast Guard will establish new partnerships, create information sharing conduits, engage stakeholders in response and recovery, and promote resiliency for maritime commerce and security.  This will be done through strengthening maritime public/private communities, in addition to hosting bi-national regional meetings, webinars, exercises and producing reports. 

Listed below are various documents that have been distributed and are available for review. 


12-13-2013      Bi-national Maritime Commerce Resilience Planning in the Great Lakes Region

12-13-2013      Briefing Note - Great Lakes Bi-National MCR

12-13-2013      Presentation - Great Lakes Bi-National MCR

12-13-2013      Qs and As MCR Great Lakes Outreach

01-09-2014   Guidelines for Communication and Information Sharing (Pacific Region)

01-09-2014   Presentation - Pacific Guidelines Intro for Great Lakes Bi-National MCR


01-17-2014    US-Canada Maritime Commerce Resiliency Initiative (Dec. 2012)

12-11-2014     INVITATION: 2014 Beyond the Border Maritime Commerce Resilience Guidelines Table Top Exercise 12-11-2014

12-11-2014     Situation Manual

12-11-2014     MCR Guidelines Great Lakes

12-11-2014     TTX Agenda

05-28-2015   After-Action Report from Tabletop Exercise on Maritime Commerce Resilience Guidelines

05-28-2015   Recommendations (19) on Maritime Resilience Guidelines for Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway Region


12-13-2013     Travaux de planification binationale de la résilience du commerce maritime dansla région des Grands Lacs

12-13-2013     Note d'information sur la RCM binationale dans les Grands Lacs

12-13-2013     Présentation - sur la RCM binationale dans les Grands Lacs

12-13-2013     Questions et réponses sur la RCM binationale dans les Grands Lacs


01-09-2014  Présentation - sur l'introduction aux lignes directrices sur la résilience


12-11-2014    L'INVITATON - Par-delà la frontière 2014 Lignes directrices sur la résilience du commerce maritime 11 décembre 14

12-11-2014    Manuel des mises en Situation

12-11-2014    RCM Lignes Directrices Grands Lacs

12-11-2014    ORDRE DU JOUR

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